Unstable Voltage Protection Switcher Delayed Power-on Voltage Protection Muhafiz Switch

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    Certainly! Here are the key points about the Muhafiz Switch presented in bullet format:

    • Voltage Protection Indicator Switch:
      • Red light indicates voltage below 175V or above 260V, activating electrical surge protection.
    • Delayed Power-On Indicator Light:
      • Yellow light signals voltage between 175V to 260V, initiating a 4-5 minute delay before power-on.
    • Voltage Output Indicator Lamp:
      • Green light indicates normal voltage operation; relay closed, power output initiated.
    • Start Button:
      • Activates power-on function; cancels power-on delay for swift operation.
    • Operation Instruction:
      • Supports up to 16A current; available in 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz configurations.
      • LED indicators denote normal, delay, and abnormal voltage levels.
      • Yellow LED indicates protection against high voltage surges.
      • Start button cancels delay timer to expedite operation.
    • Precautions:
      • Avoid high temperature, moisture, dirt, and oxidation-prone environments during installation.
    • Warning:
      • Professional installation recommended; avoid exposure to intense light during setup.
      • Improper usage, environmental factors, or incorrect operation may void warranty and cause permanent damage.


    Unstable Voltage Protection Switcher Refrigerator LED TV PC Protector Delayed Power-on Voltage Protection Power Socket Muhafiz Switch

    Muhafiz Switch, an advanced voltage protector designed to safeguard your valuable electronic appliances from unstable voltage fluctuations and power surges. With its intelligent features and reliable performance, the Muhafiz Switch ensures the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your refrigerators, LED TVs, PCs, and other electronic devices.

    Unstable Voltage Protection Switcher Refrigerator LED TV PC Protector Delayed Power-on Voltage Protection Power Socket Muhafiz Switch

    Key Features:

    1. Voltage Protection Indicator Switch: The red light indicator activates when the voltage is below 175V or exceeds 260V, indicating the initiation of electrical surge protection mode. During this state, the power socket does not provide electrical output.
    2. Delayed Power-On Indicator Light: Upon power activation, the yellow light illuminates only when the voltage ranges between 175V to 260V. This initiates a time-delayed power-on sequence (which can be cancelled), indicated by the yellow light, lasting for 4-5 minutes before turning off.
    3. Voltage Output Indicator Lamp: When the delayed power-on indicator is inactive, the green light illuminates, signifying that the relay is closed and power output to the outlet has commenced.
    4. Start Button: Activates the power-on function. Pressing the button cancels the power-on delay, enabling swift operation.

    Operation Instruction:

    1. Max Output Current: Supports up to 16A of current. Refer to the product specifications for precise details.
    2. Voltage Options: Available in 220V, 50Hz, or 110V, 60Hz configurations, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems.
    3. LED Indicators: Green LED indicates normal voltage operation (165V-250V or other ranges), yellow LED signifies the delay period, and red LED indicates abnormal voltage levels.
    4. High Voltage Protection: The yellow LED activates to indicate protection against excessively high voltage, preventing damage to appliances.
    5. Start Button (C-Start): Press to cancel the delay timer and expedite operation.


    1. Installation Environment: Avoid installing the protector in areas prone to high temperature and moisture.
    2. Environmental Conditions: Keep the protector away from dirt and oxidation-prone environments to prevent premature damage.


    1. Professional Installation: Always hire qualified electricians for installation. Avoid exposing the protector to intense daylight or strong lamps during installation.
    2. Damage Prevention: Incorrect usage, environmental factors, and improper operation may void the warranty and lead to permanent damage to the protector.

    Protect your electronic appliances effectively with the Muhafiz Switch, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind against voltage fluctuations and power irregularities.



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